Terms of Delivery

Terms of delivery and payment

1. For the delivery of our products are valid exclusively our following terms of delivery and payment. They are classified from the customer as accepted if he does not contradict immediately. Deviating definitions are only valid, in particular from form moderates purchase conditions, if they are accepted by us explicitly written. Verbal agreements are always ineffective.

2. Offers are unobligatory; received orders first become obligatory with delivery or written confirmation, where at in particular prices for precious metal containing products are subject to confirmation.

3. Minimum order quantity: Goods value from 15,- €. Unless otherwise agreed, the dispatching of the goods occurs against cash on delivery. Minimum decrease per colour type: 100 gramms.
All prices are quoted as indicated: ex 100 gr. or ex 1 kg (see price lists) cases (cans resp. bottles) + expense + packing + VAT + forwarding charges from stock or ex works.
Terms of payment: Net after receipt. You can pay by bank and postal transfer or by credit card (American Express, Visa-, Euro-/Mastercard). In case of payment with credit card please indicate following dates:

a) credit card number b) validity date c) verifying number of the card

The colours marked with P / PR / PV / C are containing precious metal. The prices surcharge for precious metal are subject to confirmation and change according to the respective daily market price. Prices surcharge for precious metal are passed on by us just the same as at the product purchase. Reserved price changes.

4. All terms of delivery occur on the danger of the customer ex works or from stock.

5. We can not take over a guarantee for compliance, in particular times of delivery. Force majeure, traffic troubles or holdups, shortage of raw materials or energy or similar delivery handicaps, let rest our delivery duties and give us as well as our customers the possibility to resign of the contract in part or completely.

6. The vender is not liable for the qualifications of the delivered goods taken by the customer for his minded purposes. Complaints of every kind must be told us immediately in writing, however, at the latest within 10 days after receipt of the products. For this purpose the customer is requested to check our products immediately separately for his processing purpose with goods receipt. In particular also single packings of the same product types. If the customer complains rightly about the condition of the goods, he is entitled only on annulment of the contract, price reduction or reimbursement at return. We are not liable for further direct or indirect damages caused by possible incomplete or wrong deliveries. In particular we are not liable for property damages or financial losses of the customer or his customers. Verified shortages will be delivered in addition or compensated by granting a credit note. Faultless products are not taken back.

7. Our deliberations for applications and processing of our products are based on long standing experiences, however, these are unobligatory in this respect, that they do not free the customer from checking our products for their suitability for his specific purpose himself.

8. The product remains our own up to payment of all outstanding debits of our company from the common business connections. The customer is authorised to process the product in the proper business. Retention of title includes itself and also the items arisen through the processing. Every other disposal, in particular a pledging, chattel mortgage or relinquishment in the exchange way is not permitted. The demand of the customer from the resale of our products, resp. the items arisen through the processing of our products, are already assigned to us for protection in fact indifferent if the sale occurred to one or several customers. The customer is authorised revocably for confiscation of the demand from the resale. On our request the customer has to tell us the debtors of the assigned demands and to announce the assignment to the debtor.

9. The place of venue and performance is exclusively for all rights and duties resulting from the contract:
95032 Hof/Saale

10. All banking charges incl. Reinboursement commisions, postage inside and outside of germany are for account of applicant.